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If you are a contact lens wearer looking for more information, please go to our Contact Lens Wearer Information Page here >>.


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For more information on how to prevent infections, please see the CDC’s guidelines on Hand-washing and Nail Hygiene.


Informational Video on Contact Lens Wear from Dr. Thomas Quinn, OD

Video for Contact Lens Wearers during Covid-19:

Update July 16, 2020


SynergEyes is extending lens warranties to assist customers and their patients during this unusual time:

- Warranties for SynergEyes lens fits that began between January 1st and March 31st, 2020, have been extended through July 31st, 2020.

- Warranties for lens fits that began April 1st through December 31st, 2020, will have a 120-day warranty.

SimplifEyes 1Day lenses for Front-Line Workers:

SynergEyes continues to offer free 90-day supplies of SimplifEyes 1Day lenses to front-line workers including doctors, nurses, paramedics and other front-line workers.  This offer requires a prescription from an eye care professional who is prescribing SimplifEyes 1Day, and continues through September 30, 2020.


Update - May 1, 2020

SynergEyes is continuing to manufacture and ship products on time.  We have instituted multiple new procedures and policies designed to keep our employees safe so we can continue to supply contact lenses to eye care professionals and their patients.

We created two new programs in April.  First, SynergEyes is offering free 90-day supply of SimplifEyes 1Day lenses to front-line workers including doctors, nurses, paramedics and other front-line workers. This offer requires a prescription from an eye care professional that is prescribing SimplifEyes 1Day.  This offer is limited to 100 patients.

The second program is a "Need to Reorder: Order Fulfillment Program" that connects patients with their doctors to facilitate reordering of hybrid, scleral or soft contact lenses.  A patient fills out a form on the SynergEyes website and SynergEyes will attempt to contact the eye care provider to assist in ordering and shipping the lenses. If we are successful in reaching the eye care provider, he or she will contact the patient about payment and SynergEyes will ship the lenses directly to the patient. If we can't reach the eye care professional after five days, we will notify the patient.

SynergEyes is shipping contact lenses directly to a patient’s home, when directed by the eye care professional.  Contact customer care or consultation and provide the patient's shipping information.  SynergEyes is continuing to waive the additional $6.00 fee for shipping directly to patients. 

Shipping Update 

SynergEyes is continuing to manufacture and ship products on time.  We have changed shipping carriers to United States Postal Service (USPS) which provides features that will help practices manage their incoming mail. Go to USPS.com to the "Informed Delivery' and click on Track and Manage. Once signed up to this free service, you will start to receive emails that identify what has been sent to your address.

If the package has not been delivered, you will have options to do the following:

- Reroute the package
- Reschedule a delivery to a different time
- Place mail on hold
- Intercept the package (there is a fee for this)

If you have limited coverage in your office, you may want to use this free service to insure delivery of contact lenses to your practice.
SynergEyes is also offering direct patient shipments. Let our team know the address and we will send the contact lenses directly to the patient.

In an effort to reduce costs to doctors and patients, SynergEyes has reduced shipping to a flat rate of $5.00 for all reorders or "rainy day lenses" when shipped to a practice or directly to a patient through April 30, 2020.


Friday, March 20 2020

Effective March 20th, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a California order for all individuals living in the State of California to stay home or at their place of residence.  

SynergEyes is located in Carlsbad, California and is considered an essential health service. The company is continuing to produce and ship with new procedures in place.  

In the past week, we have reconfigured our manufacturing, shipping process and staffing in accordance with the guidelines suggested by the CDC.  We have instituted new procedures that make sure we have social distancing between people, both in the manufacturing building as well as in logistics.  Workspaces are reconfigured, shifts staggered and there is an increased cleaning regime. 

As of today, Friday, March 20thSynergEyes is  continuing to ship lenses to California eye care providers. SynergEyes  ships directly to patient’s home, when directed by the eye care professional.  Contact customer care or consultation and provide the patient shipping information.  SynergEyes is waiving the additional $6.00 fee for shipping directly to patients. 

SynergEyes is shipping by USPS.  If there is a package in transit, click the link below to track or reschedule your shipments. 



Thursday, March 19, 2020

Living with uncertainty is never easy. Today, the ever-evolving situation regarding COVID-19 has required that we address some day-to-day activities and policies that directly impact your customer experience and we want you to be aware of the changes we are making.

We recognize that we need to do our part in reducing the transmission of Covid-19 and protect doctors, patients and SynergEyes employees.  Effective Monday, March 23rd, our field team of Regional Account Managers will be working from home. Your connection to your Inside Account Managers, Customer Care and Consultation Teams will not be interrupted, as they too will be working remotely. Your entire SynergEyes support team will be easily accessible and actively assisting you with the same level of attention, care and concern for your business needs that you are accustomed to. (See contact and other information below).

We have reconfigured our manufacturing, shipping process and staffing in accordance with the guidelines suggested by the CDC. Production continues and SynergEyes lenses are shipping as scheduled. Barring mandatory orders by local, state or national government, we plan to continue production.

We have made the following updates to US and Canada policies to help in the difficult time.

We will be extending lens warranties for orders shipped between January 15, 2020, and March 15, 2020. These orders will have warranties extended until May 31, 2020.

Shipments directly to your patients will be made available and we are waiving the additional customary fee of $6.00 for this service. (Standard shipping costs still apply.)

SynergEyes VS:
The SynergEyes VS lenses are continuing to be manufactured and shipped on schedule. Upon your request SynergEyes will ship lenses directly to patients.

As this situation remains fluid, we will reevaluate these policies mid-May. Please contact your Account Manager or the Customer Care team if you have questions or need additional information.

Our commitment to being a Customer Centric organization means that we view you as much more than just a customer or an account number associated with an order. We honor the partnerships we’ve established with all of you and look forward to doing all we can to further strengthen those partnerships. Thank you for your support of SynergEyes products and for entrusting us to provide the best vision solutions for your patients.

Living with uncertainty may never be easy. However, amid this uncertainty, you can be sure that SynergEyes will be here for you. With our deepest concerns and utmost sincerity, the entire SynergEyes Team wishes you and your loved ones health, safety and peace of heart as together, we move toward what we all hope to be a swift resolution to this situation.

Customer Care & Consultation Contact Information 

Hours:  Monday through Friday 6:30 AM (PST) to 4:30 PM (PST) 

Customer Care  – customercare@synergeyes.com 

Consultation – consultation@synergeyes.com 

International Customers – Please use email address –intorders@synergeyes.com


Monday, March 16, 2020

Due to the recent Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak we want to let you know what SynergEyes is doing to ensure that our customers and our employees are our priority. We are continuing to manufacture and ship products on time, so that your patients will receive the lenses they need. We are continuing to offer shipping directly to patients, if that is more convenient for you or your patients.

With schools closed around our corporate office and social distancing an imperative, we are putting in place processes to fulfill manufacturing requests and product orders in a timely and safe manner. SynergEyes is continuing to manufacture and ship products from California. SynergEyes VS products continue to be manufactured in the Netherlands and delivered as planned. Currently, orders are being shipped on time. If that changes, we will notify you.

We are evaluating the lens warranty policies and realize that they may need to be altered. We will be providing more information on that in the next few days.

Our sales team is also prepared to meet with customers virtually, should you need to schedule a "face-to-face" virtual meeting with your local sales representative. Please reach out to your representative directly should you need to speak with them.

We want you to feel confident in knowing that we are doing everything to continue to ensure that the products we manufacture for you are still, and will always be, held to the absolute highest quality and safety standards. We're also making sure that our employees have the resources and support they need to be healthy.

If you have any questions during this time, please feel free to reach out to us. Our technical support team and our customer support team are available. Please call 1-877-733-2012, option 2, for Technical Consultation, and option 1, for Customer Care or email consultation@synergeyes.com or customercare@synergeyes.com. For international orders, please email orders to intorders@synergeyes.com.

Stay healthy and safe.

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