Updated SynergEyes Policies: Improving Patient Comfort, Vision and Eye Health

Together with our eye care practitioner partners, we are always striving to improve comfort, vision and eye health for our patients. In support of this goal, earlier this year SynergEyes was pleased to introduce the lubricious Tangible Hydra-PEG coating on both Duette and UltraHealth hybrid lenses. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with patients and practitioners citing great optics and all-day comfort1.

We all know that compliance with contact lens replacement schedules is also vital to patient comfort, vision and eye health. Studies indicate that if a patient has an annual supply on hand, the patient is much more likely to replace lenses on schedule.2 SynergEyes recognizes the important role of annual supplies in overall lens satisfaction.

To support patient comfort and compliance, SynergEyes has changed the way Duette and UltraHealth lenses are offered.  Now, all Duette and UltraHealth lenses come standard as follows:

  • With Tangible Hydra-PEG
  • In Annual Supplies (two lenses per eye).
    • The SynergEyes hybrid lens recommended replacement schedule is at six months.

We are excited to deliver additional value to your practice and patients as part of this new program with:

  • High-value Tangible Hydra-PEG as standard on Duette and Duette Progressive lenses (a $40 value-add) at no additional cost
  • Increased patient rebates of $50 for Duette and $75 for Duette Progressive
  • New patient rebate of $100 for UltraHealth

This new approach will help increase patient satisfaction, patient compliance, and practice profits, while also streamlining insurance billing. In addition, the purchase of an annual supply ensures patients have all the lenses they need until their next exam, making it easier for both patients and practices.

To ensure you receive lenses when you need them, the shipping process will be as follows:

  • For New Patient Orders during the 90 day guaranteed fit period, the first order will be shipped as a single lens for each eye.
    • If an exchange is requested, the replacement lens will be shipped as a single lens. There will be no charge for the exchanged lens within the 90-day fitting period.
    • Once the fit is finalized anytime during the 90 days, you can indicate the final Rx for the annual supply completion lens, either via RxConnect or through Customer Care. The pre-paid lens will be sent to the practice with no shipping cost.
      • If we have not been notified of a final Rx by the end of the 90 day period, the most recent lens ordered for each eye will automatically ship 120 days from the date of the initial order.
  • For Reorders, SynergEyes will ship the annual supply of two lenses per eye. In the event that an exchange or credit is needed, the second lens from the annual supply must be returned to SynergEyes in a sealed vial to receive credit.
  • SynergEyes will provide a monthly statement identifying patients for which the final Rx is still pending, to ensure seamless and efficient lens management.

We also encourage annual supply sales for all other SynergEyes lenses. SynergEyes A, SynergEyes KC, SynergEyes MF, SynergEyes PS and ClearKone will be available as either an annual supply or a single lens (two-pack completions will no longer be offered).

We hope that providing this new program will be helpful in increasing patient satisfaction and compliance3.

1. Data on file
2. Contact Lens Spectrum: http://www.clspectrum.com/articleviewer.aspx?articleID=106553
3. Opt-outs are possible if needed on a per-patient basis